Dyson Gen5Detect Absolute vs Dyson V15 Detect – which cordless vacuum is best?

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Cordless vacuum cleaners offer a convenient and flexible option for vacuuming your home. Operating on rechargeable batteries, you don’t have to worry about tripping up on a cord or struggling to reach spots far from your power source. They’re also super versatile, with attachments for various surfaces and quick spot-cleaning.  More recently, advanced features like intelligent sensors, adjustable and powerful suction, and quiet operation are making them the choice for busy family homes that want a convenient and quick choice for vacuuming.

While there are hundreds of options on the market, Dyson tends to lead the pack regarding design, suction power, and innovation. But which Dyson to plump for? In our blow-by-blow comparison, we look at two of the brand’s most popular models – Gen5Detect Absolute vs V15 Detect.

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, 2023-08-17 13:23:12

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