How to clean dryer vent ducts in 5 easy steps

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Knowing how to clean dryer vent ducts is important to keep your dryer running at maximum efficiency while preventing any fires or damage to your machine. In the USA alone, there are approximately 1000 fires yearly caused by dirty dryer vent ducts. If your laundry isn’t drying as well as it used to, or if your dryer has a bad smell, it could be time to give the dryer vent duct a clean. 

Regularly cleaning the vent ducts in the best dryers (opens in new tab) will prevent mold or mildew that can lead to harmful bacteria building up in your dryer. A clean vent duct will also allow your laundry to dry properly, saving you both time and money. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to run a second drying cycle because your clothes are still damp. We’ll show you how to effectively and efficiently clean dryer vent ducts so that you can avoid these problems. To keep your dryer in top condition it’s important to know how to clean a dryer (opens in new tab) and if you want to keep your dryer as germ-free as possible then it’s important that you learn how to clean your dryer lint trap (opens in new tab) to remove any mildew or residue build-up. 

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