How to clean the bottom of pans – 5 simple steps to make them shine

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Knowing how to clean the bottom of pans is essential to ensure your food is cooked thoroughly and efficiently. My pans had a black layer on the bottom that was stopping them from heating up like they used to, but luckily I know a quick and easy method to clean and restore my pans to their original form. Then build-up on the bottom of pans is most common with gas stoves, but it can also be caused by electric cooktops after some time. 

You need clean pans that will heat up properly to get the most out of the best electric cooktops. Clean pan bottoms are especially important with the best induction cooktops, where the heat is transferred directly to the pan. A dirty base can stop your food from cooking evenly. 

How to clean the bottom of pans

Baking Soda Paste

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1. Make a paste with baking soda and water 

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