How to make a latte: 5 simple steps to milky goodness

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Originally conceived in Italy, this hot milky beverage is now a firm favorite around the globe. Taking a plain milk-laced coffee up a gear, a good latte is made with frothy hot milk topped with a thin layer of milk foam.

Tools & requirements

– Espresso maker – e.g. a Pod machine, espresso machine, portable espresso  machine, or Stovetop espresso maker
– Milk frother (if not featured on your espresso machine)
– Coffee beans, pods, or grounds
– Coffee grinder (if required)
– Mug or latte glass
– Steel jug
– Thermometer (optional)
– Milk or milk substitute

The base of any latte is a shot of espresso, so you will need to invest in an espresso maker to create this drink at home. The best espresso machines come with a built-in steam wand. The Nespresso Virtuo Creatista is perfect, but you can buy separate milk frothers if you don’t want to replace an existing espresso machine.   

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