How to make an iced Americano: your summer savior is here

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How to make an iced Americano: your summer savior is here

Not feeling the love for boiling hot coffee on a sunny day but missing your caffeine hit? Learn how to make an Iced Americano like a pro and enjoy a refreshing alternative to Iced Tea this summer. Caffeine intolerant? No problem; you can make Iced Americano with decaffeinated coffee beans, and it will be just as thirst-quenching and delicious. 

Tools & requirements

– Espresso maker – this could be a Pod machine, espresso machine, portable espresso  machine, or Stovetop espresso maker
– Coffee beans, pods, or grounds
– Coffee grinder (if required)
– Glass
– Jug (optional)
– Ice
– Water

Classic Iced Americano consists of just three ingredients – water, ice, and espresso. There are no precise rules about how much you use of each, which means you don’t need to measure anything carefully, so this couldn’t be an easier win on warm, sunny days when you don’t want to spend hours sweating in the kitchen. 

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