I leveled up my organization by discovering how to change desktop icons

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Knowing how to change desktop icons is a great way to make a PC personalized and unique to you. You may have a new desktop wallpaper and want to take your layout to the next level with custom desktop icons, or you might be seeking a more organized scheme. There are a few great ways to customize your icons on Windows, some of which can greatly change the look and feel of your desktop. 

Windows actually has a few built-in icons that you can choose from, but there are also loads of icons that can be downloaded on the internet from websites such as Iconfinder or DeviantArt. I went for a minimalist look for my desktop background and wanted the aesthetic reflected in my icons. Some people might not want to download any icons from the internet, so luckily Windows comes with a number of built-in icons that can be easily changed in your computer’s settings. 

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