INSE P20 Pro Dog Grooming Kit review

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The INSE P20 Pro Dog Grooming Kit is designed to help you keep your pet fuzz-free and clean, without the need for lots of expensive trips to a professional pet groomer. As well as multiple grooming brushes and cleaning tools, it features a handy clipper tool, all of which are easily attached to a light but powerful vacuum unit 

INSE P20 Pro Dog Grooming Kit: Key specs

Accessories: 5 attachment heads
Decibel level: 60-90 decibels depending on mode
Suitable for: Adult pets with short to long hair
Weight: 6.6 lbs
Storage: Store in box provided, with pet grooming equipment or in a cupboard.
Warranty: 1-year warranty 

Whether your pet is short-haired or long-haired, grooming them can be a messy business. Fluff and hair get everywhere, especially if you need to brush your feline friend or canine companion inside during winter months or on rainy days. Pet dander and hair can easily escape your standard brush or clipper, and vacuuming it up from carpets can be a hassle. If you have a family member with allergies, it can even be harmful. Making sure you have one of the best vacuum cleaners for home is essential for picking up all that pet debris.

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