Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer review

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Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer review

It can be impossible or impractical to fit a full-size dryer into an RV, tiny house, apartment, or boat. The Morus Zero Ultra-Fast Portable Clothes Dryer is an excellent solution to that problem. Compact and portable, the dryer has a 3.3-pound capacity, making it ideal for smaller loads. It features an easy setup and requires no venting, perfect for homes tight on space. Plus, since it weighs just 28.7 pounds, the dryer can be moved if needed. 

The Morus Zero dryer features an intuitive, easy-to-use control panel, complete with LED messaging to help you identify problems, like the door being open. It features eight modes, on par with many of the best dryers we’ve tested, including a shoe and sanitize mode, as well as a smart mode that automatically detects moisture in the clothes and ends the cycle only once the clothes are dry. The modes mean you can use the dryer with several garment types, including light shirts, your typical laundry, silk garments, towels, and even shoes. 

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