CANYON HOME 23.5-in Adjustable Magnifying Black Clip Desk Lamp

CANYON HOME 23.5-in Adjustable Magnifying Black Clip Desk Lamp

CANYON HOME 23.5-in Adjustable Magnifying Black Clip Desk Lamp

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Never miss an important detail when you’re reading or working with a 2-in-1 magnifying glass and LED light with a Canyon Home adjustable desktop lamp. When it comes to reading small lines in a book, working with hobbies like coin or stamp collecting, or architectural drawings with fine details, it can be hard to get the kind of clarity you need with a standard desktop lamp. That’s why we created the Canyon Home magnifier LED light with an adjustable arm that lets you gain more clarity over every project, even in dimly lit areas. Our dimmable LED right light is fitted onto a spring arm that rotates, turns, and raises in different directions so you can always view your project with better clarity and convenience. And because it clips onto most standard desks with ease, it’s perfect for your home, office, hobby room, or workspace.

  • Enhanced magnification ring light – this clamp able desk lamp provides crisp, clean LED lighting with a magnifying glass ideal for reading, painting, drawing, or work

  • Customizable LED lighting – our dimmable light lets you turn the brightness up or down depending on your project, giving you enhanced visual clarity and control

  • Spring adjust arm design– each magnifying glass with LED reading light is attached to a long, adjustable that lets you raise, lower, turn, and move it easily

  • Home and office desktop use – A great choice for hobbyists, model detailer, painters, artists and collectors you can view even the finest details more clearly

  • Trusted 1 year warranty – all Canyon Home housewares, light fixtures, and home decor items are backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty to ensure long-lasting reliability

  • Product SKU: CY-8022-961113B-BLK