Why is my fridge light not working?

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Why is my fridge light not working?

If your fridge light isn’t working then it can be annoying to try and see your favorite drinks or snacks at the back of your fridge. A faulty light can be caused by a number of different things, most of which are reasonably easy to identify and fix. It is important to check your refrigerator’s warranty in case a more serious repair is needed, such as replacing a faulty circuit board or sensor. 

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What causes a fridge light not to work? 

What the expert says…

Ron Shimek, President at Mr Appliance says “You should not check for a power interruption without the help of a professional. The liners in refrigerators are very delicate and can break when trying to remove a switch. Wiring is internal and you have to know how to read a wiring diagram, operate a multi-meter and troubleshoot a control board.”

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