Why is my oven beeping? Here’s how to fix the persistent sound

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Little is more annoying than a distant beeping sound coming from somewhere in your home. It can often be hard to locate too, and when you find the cause it’s likely to leave you wondering, why is my oven beeping? 

A beeping oven can be caused by a number of different things, the majority of which are easy to diagnose and fix. Most beeping is caused by the timer, issues with the temperature gauge, or preheating alerts. When it comes to the best ovens (opens in new tab), they are all different so it’s always worth consulting your owner’s manual to check if the beeping is routine or if it means that something is faulty. Some ovens will beep to warn you that they’re hot, others will beep to let you know your food is ready and some will beep to warn you of a fault. Once you’ve diagnosed the reason, you can follow these steps that are specific to your model, to turn off the beeping. 

What causes an oven to beep?

What the expert says…

Ben Hilton, Founder and Editor of The Gardening Fix (opens in new tab) says: “Sometimes, the oven’s buttons get stuck or dirt gets lodged in between them, causing the oven to beep continuously. To fix it, unplug the oven and clean the control panel with a damp cloth, ensuring no water seeps in. If a button is stuck, try gently wiggling it to free it to release any trapped grime.” 

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